Background Illustration

Background Illustration drawn for the anime fan movies. The story takes place in a castle of sky at the crack of dimension space. Anime characters of different dimensions are summoned to the castle and started a game of gambling. The loser will be erased from the world.


Character Design

Character Designs for the anime fan movies. Gilgamesh from Fate and Kirito from Sword Art Online. The two anime characters are being summoned to the Sky Castle, and started up a series of adventure stories. Clothing styles referenced mobile games.


Character Designsfor fun. Free drawings. The characters are all from different dimensions with amazing background stories.


Character Design drawn for the revised version of Little Red Riding Hood. Characters and settings based on the original story, happening in the past Europe. The little girl in this story is still selling her matches. But no one noticed her because she died long time ago of cold weather. The little girl who is selling matches now is just a spirit.


Ipad free drawing

Ipad Drawingsfor fun. Free drawings in black and white. They are waiting to be given a story in the near future.